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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Forbidden Love

Every time I see your face
You put me in a daze
When you smile you make the sun shine
And even though you can't be mine
My Dear Forbidden Love
So perfect and sweet as a dove
Let us enjoy the short time we share
Let me caress your face and remove that loose lock of hair
Let our lips touch and our hands explore
We get so much but we always want more
Dear Forbidden Love of Mine
So wrong but so divine 
Nothing will ever be the same without you
For the rest of my life I'll be so blue
Except those times when I think of you
How your eyes would roll back when you laughed at me
What a waste of love that could never be
But we'll share our secret among the stars
And keep each other in our hearts
That one thing is for sure
We will never be sad for we have a cure
And that we will always be sure of
My Dear Sweet Forbidden Love
-Allie Ramirez:)
For some reason I'm stuck on love poems :P
Any ideas?

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